AESOP 2021 Heads of Schools meeting
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AESOP 2020 – 15th Heads of Schools Meeting

11th-12th March 2020, TU Wien


The AESOP - Heads of Schools Meeting 2020 was a very unique meeting of the AESOP community. The global corona crisis has become more and more acute in the week of the AESOP conference, and so we in Austria were suddenly forced to cancel events that exceed a certain number of people. Some members of AESOP have already decided not to attend the conference under these circumstances. Others have already arrived. 

The ExCo and CoRep meeting could be held in an adapted form with the help of new technological conference equipment. Due to the precarious situation the ExCo decided to cancel the HoS Meeting, which was planned for 13.03.2020. In the CoRep Meeting it was determined that therefore the AESOP - Heads of Schools Meeting 2021 should also take place in Vienna! 

The Local Oranizing Committee chose to take up the topic of the AESOP - Heads of Schools Meeting 2020 again.

More impressions of the meeting 2020